Business Portraiture

A professional business portrait has always been an integral part of any marketing strategy. In this new era of social media, on-line shopping, research, marketing, blogging, and branding, having multiple portraits in a variety of settings and wardrobe is more important than ever. Your existing and potential clients and customers want to know whom they are dealing with no matter what platform they are using. Having multiple selections will ensure you have the appropriate image for each, thus engaging your viewers more directly. LinkedIn portraits should have a more formal look because it targets more business professionals on a B2B basis than Facebook or Twitter or dating sites, which generally speaking are more casual and candid. Since many first impressions new clients have of you and your business are from social media and internet based searches, it’s not only important that your portraits are up to date on your social media sites, but on your business web-site as well and that they reflect a person your clients and customers would want to meet to conduct business with, someone who is professional, confident, approachable, capable, and kind.

Tom Minczeski, aka, the Photoman, has been photographing business professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 35 years. On location assignment or in studio, he understands the uneasiness and disdain many have when faced with the prospect of sitting for the camera and works to put his clients at ease, since the most successful portraits are always a corroboration between photographer and subject. As you’ll see as you browse these pages, he understands the nuances lighting and posing, producing portraits that inform and engage the viewer and flatter the subject as well.

So remember, no matter what your profession or trade: When it’s your image on the line, the Photoman will make it fine!